LEAF Management

LEAF Management has been created in 2015 by Hajriz Bajrami that he's also CEO of the company.
The first artist we've signed been and still Regard, only after 2 months we signed Drop G and we continue growthing together for whole of this time.

After 5 yeard only managing Regard, Drop G, we signed Pluto Beats in 2020 and the latest artist we signed is Era Istrefi that is one of the most successful women in Albania market through her most popular song 'BonBon' LEAF Management got been known as a development artist management for all of this years on improving Regard, Drop G to the worldwide succes! Regard have hit the world with his worldwide record called 'Ride It', to continue with 'Secrets' and the latest 'YOU'. In the meantime Pluto Beats been part as a Co-Producer of the US major hit 'How I Move' by Flipp Dinero ft. Lil Baby.

We work daily with the small steps for reaching long distances.

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